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GO-GIVERS SELL MORE by Bob Burg and John David Mann

I love my Kindle e-reader!  I haven't been sleeping well recently, with the heat and humidity affecting my dogs and therefore me, I have found my Kindle to be a God send.  I finished up the final book I had loaded and it was 2:30 am so I decided to download another to get me thru the night.  Now I have to admit, I'm cheap, frugal, tight, what ever word you want to use.  Most of the books I download, are FREE.  This one I decided to pay the $13.17  . . .   Go-Givers Sell More, by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  (It is the followup to their Go-Givers)


"Most of us think of sales as convincing potential customers to do something they don't really want to. This mentality sets up an adversarial relationship and makes the sales process much harder than it has to be. 

. . . Cultivate a trusting relationship and focus exclusively on creating value for the other person, and great results will follow automatically.

Drawing on a wide range of examples of real-life salespeople who have prospered by giving more, Burg and Mann offer tips and strategies that anyone in sales can start applying right away."

If you are like me, you may have found your market and the people in it have changed a wee bit from a few years back.  I have found many Realtors have become aggressive, desperate, and pushing the envelope where ethics are involved.  The clients seem to be mistrusting of us, and eager to take advantage of another.   Somewhere along the line, things got twisted and bent out of shape. 

Just when you think you might want out, a fabulous book like this comes along to lead you back to the good side, the good life.  The place where you know you belong. 

S Pomerantz of Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business says:

"...this book undoes all the techniques, gimmicks, and otherwise snarky strategies that have given sales a bad name, and goes to the core of how to think about and BE effective in making a difference for people.  I can honestly say that even though I wrote a book about business development, I saw huge increases to my customer base during and after reading this little green book. By being a go-giver you will seal the deal faster, bigger, and better than ever before!"

If you want a good read that will make you feel great about who you are and what you do,  I highly recommend Go-Givers Sell More.  (even if you are not in sales!)


If you're thinking about selling, I'd love to meet with you and provide a Market Analysis and go over my Marketing Plan - it is the little things that make the difference.**

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