Susans Scribblings: February 2009

Middle America in Crisis

I've had a busy busy day and I took the opportunity to shut down early, come home, enjoy a glass of wine and relax.  I put the TV on and am now undecided as to whether or not that was a good decision.  I am an emotional wreck after watching 30 minutes of Oprah!!!

It is all about middle class America being foreclosed upon, living in tent cities and homeless. 

What struck me was the young men working to clear out 15 homes a day to get them ready for the banks to sell.  One, in particular, very upset at having to send children's toys to the dump.  "A toy puppy that could have been a little girl's best friend".  These young men are going to need therapy to survive this.  They describe it as bittersweet:  they have a job, they're surviving at the expense of people becoming homeless.

The family who last year gave their 10 year old son a Wei game for his birthday and this year all he wants is a cake and some love!

People living in tents and embarrassed to tell their adult children that they are homeless. 

I'm going to watch a little more because this is now the world we're living in and I have to be aware. I hate what I am watching.  I hate what is happening.  I am scared that this could be happening to anyone we know. 

Yes, I'm in Canada and a little more protected but who knows?  This is terrifying that in this day and age, in what was known as the richest nation in the world, that these people are now doing whatever they can to survive! 

Am I just being a sissy and falling for media propaganda or am I correct to be so horrified, shocked and downright frightened? 

PS.  Tracy Royst posted this today the 26th Feb Did anyone see the Oprah show yesterday about the recession?   and in her post is a link to the actual program.  NOTE:  have tissue readily available!

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I've had a busy busy day and I took the opportunity to shut down early, come home, enjoy a glass of wine and relax. I put the TV on and am now undecided as to whether or not that was a good decision. I am an emotional wreck after watching 30… more
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