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There are days when I feel the public just doesn't understand what we do or why we do it.  From the people who just want to tour Open Houses to the ones that can't grasp the concept of a Buyer's Representation Agreement.     

Of course we love nothing more than to spend hours showing people through listing after listing to have them decide they're just not ready or worse, go back to their brother-in-law or Auntie to prepare an offer for them.   NOT!  If I never hear the words "we want to sleep on it" again, I'll die a happy woman!  You know exactly what will happen the next morning when you call . . .  

"Congratulate us, we just put in an offer on that ranch you showed us yesterday!  Isn't that exciting!!!??!!" 

Why yes, "exciting" is exactly the word I was thinking of!   Now don't get me wrong . . .  I know there are personality types that need to think things thru and are unable to make a quick decision.  I am not referring to those special few.    

I'm talking about the ones I used to have that just loved the pleasure of my company for hours on end.   I would find them exactly what they wanted and then find out they had Auntie Agent draw up an offer or worse,  the listing agent draw up an offer for them.  AFTER having the process explained to them over and over, in many different ways, I would cringe to hear them say, "oh were we not supposed to do that?"   

Please note I said "used to".   No more!   I am the one agent locally who will not allow anyone to infringe on my time any longer without signing a Buyer's Rep Agreement.   Now in saying this, I will tell you I have had a few 'Buyers' walk away from me but that only confirms my belief - they had no intention of buying thru me in the first place and I saved some precious time - mine!   I can see absolutely no reason for a Buyer to not sign something that can only protect them unless they plan to provide someone else with the commission from their purchase.    

In our part of the world, we have many agents from communities close by who advise their clients to have us, the local agents, show them thru the homes and to provide them with all the local information, only to have them run back to them to draw up the offer.  It has happened over and over again.   I honestly believe that the Buyer is totally unaware of what they are doing to us.   I've even had cards sent to me thanking me for being 'nice enough to help them find their new home'!!  

We can not be seen to negatively comment on another realtor can we?  It would be me taken before our Ethics committee!  

I now go to great lengths to fully explain our business to prospective purchasers.  We do what we do with an expectation of compensation at the end of it, regardless of how long it takes to find their perfect place. They need to know this.  I swear many believe we do this as a hobby or out of the goodness of our heart!    I let them know that I will help them find their next home in many different ways and I provide them with a Buyer´s Package (thanks to Rick DeLuca and his Idea Club) to increase my credibility and show my competence.  As he says, "It makes the process of buying a home MUCH MORE SERIOUS."   Some of his quotes that I now use faithfully, are below:  

"If we find a home today that fits all your needs, are you in a position to make the decision whether to buy it?"

Get them pre-qualified to determine their motivation.  (Only appropriate in mid to low price ranges)

Home Buying Process ? explain how home purchases take place in your market area vs. the market they may be moving from.  It is amazing how different they can be! 

I now make sure they know the following: (I never assume) 

"Whether You Find A Home By: ads, word of mouth, signs, Open House, Internet,  I CAN SELL ANY OF THEM TO YOU!"

 Explain to them the "How I Work For You" flyer that is in their package: 




     1.  Tell me your most important considerations in selecting a home.


     2.  I will search for homes by...

                   Reading all ads of homes for sale

                   Checking homes on the Internet

                   Driving through selected neighbourhoods

                   Calling for sale by owners

                   Contacting expired listings - when permitted

                   Checking my company listings

                   Searching other real estate office's exclusive listings


3.  I will be glad to make appointments to show you those that interest you.


Give you the address and you drive by to check the area and exterior. You call me if you would like to look inside.


I absolutely ask them for the 3 most important things a home absolutely must have in order to even consider living in it.

I'm not too interested in their entire wishlist at this point.  I need to khow the short answer.  When I give them the address and they don´t drive by within 24 hours,  they are not very motivated.  They are no longer my top priority!

 Hopefully, this is what seperates me as a Realtor from a Tour Guide.




If you're thinking about selling, I'd love to meet with you and provide a Market Analysis and go over my Marketing Plan - it is the little things that make the difference.**

 Susan Emo
Sales Representative,
Sotheby's International Realty Canada, Brokerage*
Kingston, Ontario

 Serving the Kingston, Gananoque and the 1000 Islands Region
- come for a visit and stay for a lifetime!

*Each office independently owned and operated.
** There is nothing on this blog that is intended to solicit business from anyone already under contract with another Realtor

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